Saturday, December 25

The Hot Sex Life Of An XLGirl Wife

The Hot Sex Life Of An XLGirl Wife

The Hot Sex Life Of An XLGirl Wife

The look of joy on lovely Katrin Porto's face is priceless when Max wraps her big, soft boobs around his dick, pumps away and pops his nuts like a geyser. Katrin bends her head forward to suck, lick and swallow the cum.

But we're getting ahead of this XL Girls episode.

It began when Katrin and Max went to a unisex spa. "I love to go to the spa and relax, relax, relax," said Katrin. So this show is set at a spa. Katrin oiled her tits while Max was in the sauna. When he joined Katrin, she wanted to oil him, too. One thing led to another: nipple-sucking; cock-sucking, tit-fucking and pussy-fucking. Katrin is one extremely horny lady and loves to be appreciated by hard men.

"It make me feel sexy when a man shows me his gallantry and attentiveness. I love the attention and interest that I see in men's eyes. I think it's about my eyes, charming smile, red hair, big, natural boobs, my 51 inches of tasty booty and my courage, sensuality, charisma."

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Sex You Up

Mer: Sex You Up

Mer: Sex You Up

There are many spectacular sights in life that lead to heavy breathing. High on the list is the moment when the amazing Mer lowers her lingerie to expose her huge, beautifully shaped tits.

"I made myself pretty for you," Mer says in Spanish. The fact is, Mer is always pretty and sexy. Her personality is erotic and sensuous. Mer gets into bed to rub her pussy and self-suck her nipples. It's a little show before Mer gets to the main event in this scene: her first XXX scene at

"Come here," Mer sweetly and gently commands, staring with wide eyes. "I want to suck your dick." Mer reaches out for the cock and puts it in her mouth to suck, kiss and lick it like a lollipop. "Do you want to fuck my tits?" Yes, please. This gorgeous redhead with a spectacular rack alternates between giving you head and a hand job, with wrapping her massive breasts around your shaft and tit-fucking you. A tit-fuck from Mer is like getting your wish after rubbing Aladdin's lamp.

Mer's body tingles with her eagerness to get on top of you and ride the north pole, suck it some more and then try more positions before draining you dry in her mouth. She fucks fast, then slow, then fast, self-sucking her tits and grinding her hips when she is fucked from behind. Mer is miraculous and intoxicating.

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Demora Avarice: Tank Top Stretcher

Demora Avarice: Tank Top Stretcher

Demora Avarice: Tank Top Stretcher

As we observe Demora Avarice do her deep, intense stretching and then take her massive breasts out of her tank top, the boob shock may get your brain spinning. What the jiggling Demora does is capable of setting off seismometers. Seeing is believing.

XLGirls: Do you work out?

Demora Avarice: Not nearly as much as I should.

XLGirls: Were you the bustiest girl in school?

Demora Avarice: Sadly, no, but considering how short I was, there wasn't anybody comparable. I'm only 4'11" now. In the end, I continued growing after the other girls stopped, so now I'm easily the bustiest woman I know.

XLGirls: What size are your breasts currently?

Demora Avarice: I am a U.S. 34O, but that's going to be changing soon. I'm going to contour my stomach more and do a fat transfer to my breasts.

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Monday, December 6

Nurse Sashaa Will Fuck You Now & Give Up Her Ass

Nurse Sashaa Will Fuck You Now & Give Up Her Ass

Nurse Sashaa Will Fuck You Now & Give Up Her Ass

On this day, one of the patients Nurse Sashaa Juggs attends to is Rocky. He is due to be released soon, so Nurse Juggs is visiting to check him out one last time.

After some small talk, she pulls back the bedsheet and is shocked to see a large lump in his underwear. This discovery is very alarming to Nurse Juggs. Further inspection is demanded. She holds his man-bag and has him cough. Sticking her hand down his briefs, she extracts the cock, and, upon immediately diagnosing its condition, gives it mouth-to-penis resuscitation.

Don't worry, friends. Nurse Juggs is a trained professional at XL Girls and knows exactly what she's doing. Please observe her slow, loving technique. It seems to be working. The penis has been revived.

"What turns you on so much about me?" asks Nurse Juggs even though she knows the answer based on her experiences.

"Your titties," Rocky replies. "I love your titties."

Nurse Juggs pulls each huge boob out of her uniform. We told you she's an angel of mercy. "They're big," Rocky notes. Yes, the hospital stay has not severely dulled his faculties.

Nurse Juggs's check-up technique includes taking his dick temperature with her mouth. Massaging his cock between her tits. Providing nipple-to-mouth therapy. Pussy-on-top-of-dick grinding. Ass-up positioning for cock-to-pussy injection. Several cock-in-ass procedures. Accepting sperm donations in her mouth and on her face. Licking and sucking the cock right out of her ass. We said she was a great nurse.

If you ever have to be in a hospital and want to have a stay like Rocky did, please show this video to your nurse upon check-in.

Note: This information is not intended as actual medical advice for individual problems. Consult your health care provider first.

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Friday, December 3

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Wednesday, December 1

Her Name Says It All

Her Name Says It All

Her Name Says It All

Ms. Yummy may be from Chicago but she dresses like a South Florida chica, overflowing her booty shorts and tank top. "I dress to show off my curves," said Ms Yummy. She does a great job of it.

Checking out the skyline from a terrace overlooking the bay, Ms Yummy twerk-dances, her butt-cheeks swiveling and bouncing. This is a girl who can bust the moves that make guys bust a nut.

Brick is a convert to the worship of Ms Yummy and feels the joy the sight of her voluptuous body gives to a man. Ms Yummy's loud butt-clapping has him hooked. It's ass-music to a man's ears. She tells Brick to get the baby oil and douse her badonkadonk and big, heavy tits.

Ms Yummy tells Brick that they should go inside just in case the neighbors are watching. He follows her to the bedroom where a giggling Ms Yummy resumes her private twerk show. Ms Yummy has very sensitive breasts and Brick's hooter-handling gets her hot. He gets this little beauty on her hands and knees on the bed and gives her his cock to swallow.

And at the most-critical point, just as he is about to blow his load on Ms. Yummy's big jugs, the camera fails! So what did we do? Just throw out the entire scene after all that preparation, travel and work? We decided to post it after all, because twerking Ms. Yummy is so hot.

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Tuesday, November 9

Laura Tithapia: Top Buster

Laura Tithapia: Top Buster

Laura Tithapia: Top Buster

The word tit is in Laura Tithapia's name. There is truth in advertising.

Laura listed some of the things she does to make a guy happy and satisfied.

"I wear sexy clothes for him, like some of the clothing in this video. I tell him that he is special. I massage his entire body before we have sex. I have sex with him in new positions to keep him interested and horny."

Laura also told us what pleases her, besides a big dick.

"I like a man who brings me flowers, treats me to fine dinners, pays a lot of attention to me and gives me compliments. The best thing a man ever said to me was that I am a goddess. The worst was that I am too big."

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